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This was an experimental project in collaboration with the ATC (Acco Theatre Company) and funded by the Arts Council England. We completed a three week research and development period with artists from the region which aim was to create responses to some of the themes found in Hamlet. Director Keziah Serreau and artist Amie Burns Walker then presented the work to an invited audience at Richmix.

Below are a series of videos created by SDNA during the research and development time.

The first is designed to give a sense of the environment in which we were creating the work.

The second video focuses on process. We discovered through development that the responses to Hamlet's 'to be or not to be' speech, wether to take action or stay passive, were at the center of the lives of the artists we were working with. We decided to abandon the original language of the play, which became a barrier and to create a much more physical and visual approach that felt more rooted in the actors own stories and realities. 

In this video we posed the question 'What souvenir would you recommend to bring back from Israel?' and these were the responses........

We created a series of scenes based on the play set in the different arches around the city. These are to be edited and projected as part of the final performance.