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STRIKE! is a circus-theatre show devised with a company of five circus performers. It looks at the lives of workers that are trapped in a system that is collapsing and is colliding with their personal freedoms. 


Keziah Serreau - Director

Raymond Sarti - Designer

Choreographer - Ivan Blackstock

Lighting Design - Anna Barrett

Tom Mills - Composer and sound designer

Performers: Alice Allart, Tomos James, Pablo Meneu, Tanwen Watson and Hamish Tjeong


Funded by Arts Council England

Produced by Turtle Key Arts

Commissioned and co-produced by Jacksons Lane

Commissioning partner The Point Eastleigh

Supported by the Roundhouse and Drill Hall Lincoln

STRIKE Has been touring the UK since 2014 going to Latitude, Seachange Arts, City of London Festival, Jacksons Lane, The Point Eastleigh, The Lowry, Harlow, Lincoln Drill Hall, ARC in Stockton...